“Much more than a piece of jewellery!”

Allowing individuality to express itself in material form is not a purely German phenomenon, but rather an international movement towards traditional and stable values such as culture and family. Heraldic and symbol jewellery are in great demand at every level of the consumer landscape. Contemporary signet rings, however, have very little to do with the typical traditional design we are familiar with.

Much more than a piece of jewellery!

Nowadays, signet rings must be attractive from both a visual and a haptic point of view. They have been a part of family culture for centuries and symbolise a link between the generations. Wearing a signet ring is a way of life that is immune to the whims of the consumer society.

The collection of heraldic and symbol jewellery from ‘La Nouvelle Orchidée' is greatly valued throughout Europe, not least because of its unique breadth and quality. Our collection contains high-quality, individually created pieces and our signet ring collection can look back on more than 110 years of tradition. They can be identified by our hallmark "BC". This is a stamp that stands for quality, something in which we place a great deal of value!

In addition to our comprehensive service, we are also happy to create special bespoke designs entirely in line with your own personal wishes. The engraving makes each piece of jewellery unique, meaning that price and weight may deviate slightly from the information given in our price lists.

Our competent jewellers provide you with professional advice in any questions you may have concerning heraldic and symbol jewellery. Let us know what your wishes are and we will be only too happy to meet them.

Sören Lührs, Managing Director