The signet ring - a piece of jewellery and a symbol of identity

heraldic and symbol jewellerySince the Middle Ages, the signet ring has been regarded as a visible symbol of power and influence within society. It was a bearer of its owner's coat of arms and therefore an expression of identity in the truest sense of the word. History comes together and presents itself to the world as a colourful symbol that is a coat of arms.

In our times, more and more people seek solid foundations in life through their family, in values and traditions. This makes a signet ring, as a unique piece of jewellery and a symbol of one's identity, the most personal gift you can give another person. It must be highly attractive to look at, made of valuable materials and the product of fine manual skill. Our customers live out their identity and individuality with confidence.

The signet ring – a piece of jewellery and a symbol of identityFamily history is no longer the realm of the aristocracy. A crest ring is a traditional sign of self-awareness and belonging within society, which can also be expressed in another form through association with a certain ideology or group. Decorating stone and metal with a logo or a signum transforms a ring into a statement.

Another interpretation of the modern sees the signet ring as a symbol of wisdom. Anyone bearing such a ring proves to have an eye for what is essential in life.

heraldic and symbol jewelleryOne particularly fine variant is the winding ring which carries its very own personal secret: the wearer alone knows what is engraved on the rear of the fragment that can be turned.

There are enough occasions in life to have a signet ring made especially: in memory of a special point in life, as a sign of family closeness, in congratulation of a university graduation, as a christening present, when a child is confirmed, upon the birth of a first child, and as a proof of your love.

In this way, the signet ring is and remains as individual as the person wearing it.