Sören Lührs – family roots in gold and silver

The love of precious metals and engraving goes back to Sören Lührs' great-great-grandfather, the gold and silversmith Hermann Bauer (1833-1919). After completing his apprenticeship and journeyman years, he established ‘Hermann Bauer silverware manufacturers' in Schwäbisch Gmünd in 1863. This Staufer town has enjoyed a long and successful tradition of gold and silversmiths since the very first records concerning the manual trades emerged in 1372. Under the management of the Möller family - also descendants of Hermann Bauer - the traditional company still has an excellent reputation internationally today.

Hermann Bauer's extraordinary talent for art and drawing was already apparent at a young age. Because of the good economic situation, his father advised him to complete an apprenticeship as a steel engraver. Studying under various masters, he was able to gain a wide range of experience and continued his training in the areas of drawing and modelling before setting up his own manufacture. Famous customers such as Queen Olga of Baden-Württemberg were among those who regularly purchased the pieces he produced. The range of pieces in his assortment, in which he introduced artistic design principles to industrial manufacture, were characterised by the spirit of the times. He created silver jewellery of a solid character as well as elaborately ornate small silver goods, but also articles for everyday use such as toilet sets, vases or dinnerware in the Neorenaissance style.

Sören Lührs already became familiar with jewellery design from a very young age at the workshop in his father's jewellery factory ‘Bihlmeyer & Co'. Since taking charge there, he has designed more than 500 models of signet rings, cufflinks and other pieces of jewellery. However, the exuberant ornamentalism of his predecessors his long since been replaced by a timeless elegance.

Honouring tradition

The jewellery manufacturer ‘Bihlmeyer & Co', founded in 1902, is the headquarters today of ‘La Nouvelle Orchidée - Sören Lührs e.K.', producer of heraldic and symbol jewellery.

‘Bihlmeyer' has survived economic crises and world wars and the company's range of products always enjoyed a well-established clientele even after 1945. In 2004, Sören Lührs took charge of the signet ring collection at ‘Bihlmeyer & Co' thus continuing the more than 100 years of company tradition. 2010 saw the company register as a European brand name for heraldic and symbol jewellery.