La Nouvelle Orchidée

heraldic and symbol jewellery La Nouvelle Orchidée is Europe's leading address for heraldic and symbol jewellery and, at the same time, a professional goldsmith workshop. We are the first choice when it comes to the fabrication, adaptation and repair of jewellery as well as stonesetting.

Our excellently trained skilled employees work using state of the art technology combined with tried and tested traditional practices. This interplay between innovation and tradition works to serve the highest quality demands of our customers.

Each individual signet ring from Lührs is just as unique and full of personality as the person wearing it. "This is something that our customers in fourteen countries throughout the world value when they wear a symbol of their very own personal history on their finger as a stylish avowal to their identity".

The company's greatest asset is the skill of its engravers. Specialists from every area of expertise are employed including the oldest of the artistic crafts, hand engraving on metal. Our engravers are skilled in the techniques of armorial engraving, flat engraving, Ex Libris engraving and chasing. As such, La Nouvelle Orchidée can produce any engraving design, no matter how unusual, also in platinum, silver or brass. Every engraving is a handmade creation that is one of a kind.